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Contributed by Ben Hatala


On March 24th, 2020 Yellowstone Park closed indefinitely.

The United States second largest National Park (2.2 million acres) had succumb to the wrath of the coronavirus. As the State of Wyoming’s largest tourist attraction and one of the State’s largest employers, the parks closure was felt like a herd of bison stampeding through Lamar Valley.

 As the dust began to settle and the magnitude of this closure was felt, the team at the Wyoming Office Tourism (WOT) knew they needed to create a new way to impact and inspire visitors even as they were forced to stay at home.  Although travelers could not physically visit Yellowstone Park, WOT recognized an opportunity utilizing their expansive video library and wanted to bring Yellowstone to their visitors from the comfort of their own home. With this, the WOT launched the Spirit of Travel plan, which was put into action to keep the energy of tourism alive in Wyoming and to unite residents.

“We at the Wyoming Office of Tourism believe many travel-minded consumers would be taking advantage of the extra hours in their day during the Coronavirus pandemic to research and plan their summer or fall vacations.

Knowing this, we wanted to be ahead of the curve with our video strategy and made sure both legacy and new video content were a focal point on our website.” 

Video, as the most impactful way to tell a story and showcase unique attributes of individual destinations, was chosen to be the focal point of the campaign.   A collection of powerful stories around the State was curated to create “interactive inspiration”.

WOT recognized videos were inspiring, but wanted to help their viewers seamlessly connect with any of the numerous locations, attractions and activities featured within each video. The WOT partnered with Clicktivated; the leading interactive video technology platform in the market today.  Clicktivated provides viewers the unique ability to click any individual location/attraction/destination in video as they watch.  This creates a path from inspiration to specific information, ultimately helping destinations connect more effectively with their viewing audience and helping drive traffic back into their site(s).

See Clicktivated in-action below:

Clicktivated eliminates the painful and ineffective process of trying to search for information on individual locations/attractions/destinations seen in video. 

Since the campaign launched in early April, the seven interactive videos living on are averaging an amazing 99% interaction rate* and a 27% click-out rate (CTR)**. 

Although travel is temporarily “closed”, travel will be back soon and it will be stronger than ever.  The idea of a trip is never far from the minds of visitors and it is a more critical than ever before to effectively reach your audience and offer new and innovative experiences. 

Experience the videos here:

*interaction rate= percentage of viewers that interact with the video.

**click-out rate (CTR)= percentage of viewers that click through video to specific landing page.

For more information- please contact Ben Hatala,

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